Great products that don’t cost the earth.

It’s easy to make products; it’s harder to make products that are in tune with nature. We set out to create a range of high quality personal care products using Seaweed and we succeeded with the launch of our Algarythm range.

We aim to source all our ingredients from organic, fair-trade sustainable producers.
Where 100% Organic ingredients are not an option we will look for the next best thing, without compromising on the quality and purity of the ingredients.

We are proud that our packaging is not just recyclable but made from recycled material wherever possible. We use Miron Violet Glass that reduces the need for preservatives in our Gel and oils.

Our Soap is wrapped in 100% Biodegradable cellophane. We are constantly working with our suppliers to source environmentally sustainable materials.

“Luxurious skincare

that doesn’t cost the Earth …”

We produce small batches of products. Each batch is unique. As we harvest Seaweeds at different times of the year slight variations in the molecular makeup of each harvest is inevitable. This happens with all our natural organic ingredients too. Our skilled manufacturing department have years of experience blending these ingredients together to make the best possible product each time. Every batch is tested and goes through a quality control process. Here’s to the uniqueness!

Great personal care products – We believe that self care is a holistic process. It’s a combination of taking care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Personal care for us is about taking the time for yourself each day to nourish your skin, eat foods that are good for you and taking time out to keep you mentally and spiritually strong.

We promise to be Cruelty Free; no Animal testing ever. Our stock is free from Animal derivatives, contains no GMO, no Soya, no Paraben, no Petroleum derivatives. No Palm Oil and only contains the natural Silicone found in certain seaweeds.

So go ahead. Be the change you want to see in the world, use Algarythm,
Luxurious skincare that doesn’t cost the Earth…

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